Mobile AMP Sites

We ensure developing fast and engaging applications which are pixel perfect for all type of operating systems, ranging from IOS to Android.

What are AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page)
websites and pages?

We ensure developing fast and engaging applications which are pixel perfect for all type of operating systems, ranging from IOS to Android.

  • Fast Websites
  • Instant load speed
  • Optimized
  • Better Rank

We help you get an AMP based
mobile experience in Shopify

Customers are impatient. They don’t have time to wait and wait for a website or page to load. If you can’t imagine your life without using your mobile-phone, then you can imagine how slow website loading can affect your customer experience and drop sales? 70% of mobile users encounter a slow loading website issue and 40% abandon a website if it takes 3 seconds or more to load.

In order to avoid a decrease in sales and engage potential clients to browse your website, AMP is the best and most affordable available option for you.

In a recent Google study, AMP helps an Ecommerce site to increase sales by 20-30%. The research also found that AMP leads to a 10% increase in website traffic with a 2x increase in time spent on page.

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AMP & non-AMP Sites comparison

Benefits Of Hiring Us For AMP Development Service

We helps you create a fully functional AMP based mobile experience for your Shopify store using the mobile first AMP app by We take your website theme and create an AMP version to give customers a seamless look and feel, while making their mobile experience Google friendly with fast loading speeds.

We will create the theme and apply AMP pages for the Homepage, Collection, Product pages and other important pages so that customers can focus on checking out and buying your products while you have their attention.

Faster Speed and Page Loading in the mobile version

  • You get rewarded by Google with more traffic on your website
  • Reduce bounce rate
  •  Engage visitors
  •  More customers and more sales

What We Do To Improve Website Performance With AMP?

  • Book a free demo with us where we evaluate your website for AMP implementation.
  • Once the project is confirmed, our team of AMP experts build a fascinating UI for your webpages and elevate its user experience.
  • We customize your website look, feel, navigation and any other customizations that are available to implement tactics of AMP efficiently so that the pages load super quickly.
  • Follow a best-practices and checklist approach to recognize and reduce issues which can slow the process.
  • We utilize each tool of AMP for functionality, organizing and structuring of the content and other elements.
  • We comply with the W3C coding norms and follow all the standards for developing AMP website.
  • Review and submit to Google for indexing and to merchant center.
  • Launch the AMP site and see the results with SEO and ads performance.

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